Child Abuse Prevention Intervention and Treatment AB1733

CAPIT offers services to Service Planning Area (SPA) 6. These are communities of South Los Angeles. The program has partnered with Los Angeles County to assist the children and families of this highly impacted area the opportunity to break the cycle of violence in their homes and community. The program offers a comprehensive service utilizing public and private funds. Services are offered to children and families is the designated areas including populations of 1) infants and preschool age children at risk for abuse and neglect 2) children exposed to substance abuse problems; 3) children exposed to family violence; 4) pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children; and, 5) children with chronically mentally ill parents.

Approximately 90% of the referrals come from the Department of Children and Family Services with the remaining received from schools and other community agencies.


Individual, family and group counseling
Parenting classes, teaching and demonstrating services in the home
Case management services
Referrals to community programs
24 hour telephone response
A program coordinator, a child therapist, a family therapist, an in home support services worker, and an administrative assistant will provide directed services to the families most in need.

Program Goals

CAPIT provides specific activities that will promote positive and healthy family functioning which includes:
Treatment strategies that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the family;
Provide for full family participation via "family focused" treatment that includes the child and parent in the decision making process;
Bilingual and bi-cultural staff serving the children and families in our care;
Combining the professional work of the staff with the opportunity to avail themselves of the spiritual guidance of the Praises of Zion Church;
A warm and inviting environment that ensures that individual children and families entering our doors are not stigmatized by their participation;
The linking of our services with the efforts of others to ensure the full range of services is to the family;
The reliance on family "strength" to support the family unit in accessing solutions to their problems and concerns;
Staff that are available to families whenever and wherever they need them.

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