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Calling All Divas

The Community Diva's Program is designed to allow girls and young women to understand and embrace womanhood also, to enhance their self-esteem.

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The Diva Program is a motivation and mentorship program  that offers positive words and encouragement to our young Los Angeles girls.  To often, our African-American and Latina girls are influenced into directions that compromise their bright futures. The Diva Program is a resource designed to provide a counter-balance to these influences.

Our ‘Diva Mentors’ & volunteers meet periodically to discuss how we can all help our young girls make ‘Diva’ decisions. Decisions that will help manifest positive change in their live and communities. When you join  the ‘Diva Support System’, either as participant or volunteer, you are helping to be a ‘Positive Light’ in our current political circles, families, and communities.

The Study of the Beautiful Woman

Our program focuses on a core set of fundamental areas:
Life Skills
Community Action / Environment
Self Esteem
Communication Skills
Home, Health & Safety


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We are always looking for strong women who are willing to share and learn. Join as a participant, volunteer or sponsor.