Mental Health


Mental Health Services

Servicing children, adolescents & their families


The Mental Health program provides specialty mental health services to children, adolescents and families ages 0-21 years old that are Medi Cal eligible and meet mental health necessity criteria. Our goal is to provide assessment and outpatient services to children who meet medical necessity due to emotional and behavioral issues that impact functioning in the family, school, and community. Services are provided at agency site, home, or in the community, as determined to best meet each child’s specific needs. Mental health out-patient services by licensed physicians, therapists specialized in psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy.


Mental Health Assessment
Therapist will assess client's history and current status of individual's mental, emotional and/or behavioral functioning. The DSM/IV and Global Attention Functioning (GAF) - Diagnostic assessment measure will be utilized for assessment purposes.
Client Care Coordination Plan
Therapist will develop a Client Care/Coordinator Plan for client which includes: client's short and long term goals, the role of the client and parent/caregiver in developing plan, the role of the teacher or school staff; the barriers to the client achieving their goals; and plan case coordinator with other service providers.
Individual, group, family and play therapy will be provided to identify children, their siblings and parents/caregivers as needed. Therapy will focus on reduction of presenting symptoms, improvements of functioning in the home, school and community.
Collateral Contact
Collateral contacts will be made with parents, siblings, relatives and other significant support persons in the child's life to assist agency staff in understanding the child's condition and needs to involve these individuals on the Client Care/Coordination Plan and implementation.
Psychological Testing
Psychologist will administer a psychological evaluation to assist in the assessment of client's cognitive, affective, behavioral or social functioning.


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