Our Leadership Team


Meet our Executive Team

Our CEO is responsible for leading the entire staff in all Personal Involvement Center operations and services along with the Board of Directors and Community Advisory Council.


Dr. J. Benjamin Hardwick


Dr. J. Benjamin Hardwick is the founder of the Personal Involvement Center, Inc. For the last 55 years, Dr. Hardwick's reputation has coined him as a visionary and loyal community leader to those in need.

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Maxine Diggs


Maxine Diggs is the Chief Executive Officer at the Personal Involvement Center Inc. in Los Angeles, and is responsible for leading the entire Personal Involvement Center family.

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Alpha G. Timbo

Director of Clinical Services

Rosita Broaster-Lotiff

Director of Mental Health and Wraparound Services

Vivian Rose

Director of Finance

Leon Stevenson

Director of Human Resources

Joseph Chavez

Director of QA & Compliance

Sonya Groomes

Director of Children & Family Services

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