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About Us

Personal Involvement Center, Inc. “PIC” is dedicated to providing vital services to children and families in the South Los Angeles area.

The areas served are composed of communities in Los Angeles and Antelope Valley surrounding areas. “PIC” services areas throughout Los Angeles, Harbor City and Lancaster/Palmdale. The important efforts of “PIC” are not in isolation.

PIC is and has been fortunate to have strong relationships with the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, State of California Office of the Governor, and the Department of Mental Health, Department of Probation, County Services Block Grant, Department of Social Services and the Federal Government. PIC provides targeted services utilizing a “patchwork quilt” of public and private funding sources to serve the most vulnerable populations of our community. PIC has 4 locations – Main Headquarters in Los Angeles on San Pedro Street, Western Avenue, Harbor City, and Lancaster, CA.

“PIC”‘s administrative offices is located at 8220 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90003. The facility is a three story structure with ample room for small intimate conferences, small and large group interactions, and large auditorium style seating for community gatherings.

The facility has a full commercial kitchen, dining hall and full scale gymnasium which includes a full basketball court. Parking is available behind the building and in a large parking lot next to the facility. While “PIC” offers transportation to all program participants, public transportation is available at convenient sites near all PIC locations.

With 4 fully functioning locations, “PIC” manages to bring the Los Angeles & Antelope Valley community together as one and also plays a key role in bringing together collaborative efforts of community agencies, government organizations, and members of the local community. Staff participates were or are currently active in several community partnerships including the CORE, Los Angeles Homeless Housing Placement Agency, Portals South Central Opportunity Center, Institute for Maximum Human Potential, and Los Angeles County Community Support Services.