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Healthy Marriage

The Personal Involvement Center has partnered with the South Los Angeles Healthy Marriage Demonstration Project, a grantee of the Administration of Children and Families, Health and Human Service Department, to provide relationships/marriage education for all ages. Relationship skills are something learned and cultivated, a fact which is often taken for granted. The project educates youth, young adults, married and single adults as well as older adults in relationship communication skills. South Los Angeles Healthy Marriage Demonstration Project is committed to promoting a culture that embraces healthy relationships/marriages as the cornerstone of healthy family living. We recognize the positive personal, economic and social impact in our communities that growing up in a home that includes a healthy relationship/marriage can afford children.

Services are offered throughout the County of Los Angeles and beyond. The benefits: Both partners participate in the definition of the relationship. There is a strong marital bond characterized by closeness and communication. The spouses are interested in each other’s thoughts and feelings. The expression of feelings is encouraged by a climate of safety. Conflicts are discussed and resolved without damage to the relationship. Problem solving skills are well developed. The ability to deal with changes and stress is well developed. Most basic values are shared.


Project Offers Relationship/marriage education classes, public awareness workshops and seminars at various locations in the community for:

Youth (14-18), Young adults and singles (beginning at age 16); provide youth and young adults skills to build healthy relationships

Singles 18 & older and married couples; prepare unmarried couples for healthy marriages and strengthen existing marriages

Create a network of resources for people who need marriage skills enhancement.