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COA – Council on Accreditation

Accreditation is one of the means by which an agency strives to champion quality of services.
Think getting accredited is easy? Think again. The 12 to 18 month process involves an in-depth self-review of an organization or program against currently accepted best practice standards, an on-site visit by an evaluation team comprised of experts, and a subsequent review and decision by the accrediting body.

The value of accreditation strengthens PIC’s programs, build infrastructure, implement quality improvement processes and adopt nationally recognized best practices. The results are highly quality programs which demonstrates PIC’s commitment to provide the highest quality of service.

Did we mention COA has only accredited 2,200 organizations since its inception in 1977?

Congratulations to our CEO, Maxine Diggs and the COA Accreditation team for this win! To the entire PIC staff, your hard work and dedication to provide services has been recognized at a national level.