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National Social Work Professionals Month-March 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Social Work Staff for Outstanding Job Performance and Commitment to “PIC” Program Services in 2018:

 Sakira Autry – Family Preservation

Cherrell Harris -Mental Health

Lisa Valle – Mental Health

Samuel Nwakpuda-Wraparound (Lancaster)

Cerlinda Burns – Wraparound (LA)

Carlos Morales – Wraparound (LA)


 The official theme for Social Work Month in March 2019 is “Elevate Social Work

Celebrated annually in March, National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity to further educate the public about the contributions social workers have made to our society and why the profession is so vital in our nation. Social workers elevate and empower people, giving them the ability to solve problems, cope with roadblocks and get the resources they need to succeed.

At Personal Involvement Center (PIC) we appreciate all employees for their hard work and loyalty to the company and services provided to the community. Not only does PIC appreciate our employees’ dedication but we recognize their accomplishments and significance in this profession.