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The Personal Involvement Center provides FREE transportation to more than 500 families enrolled in our programs each month. Transportation is the critical link that assures access to vital services throughout the community. These individuals are taken to various doctor appointments, therapy sessions, parenting classes, court appearances, and other appointments. Door to door service is provided to each specific location.

There are currently 5 licensed drivers with 15 or more years of driving experience each. They pick up 30-40 individuals/families per day.

A successful transportation department provides the skeleton upon which communities are built. It is the essential element that makes a community more than just a grouping of residents, businesses, recreational facilities and places of worship linked by a shared set of values. It is the mortar that holds a community together. From a community’s economy and quality of life to its public services – all are rooted and grounded in the quality, quantity and focus of the transportation departments’ use of available resources.

Our transportation department shares the values of those individuals in the community by proving a service that allows them access to medical, cultural, educational, leisure and recreational opportunities.