The Personal Involvement Center (PIC), Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community based social service agency. PIC has been in existence since 1971; providing services to youth and families while improving the quality of life for the South Los Angeles community it serves.

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Welcome to the Personal Involvement Center Website

We believe that building strong families will build strong communities and ultimately build stronger societies.
Welcome to the new Personal Involvement Center website and thank you for visiting. Our new website will provide you with information about all of our programs and keep you updated on upcoming events. I hope you find it useful and look forward to a bright and exciting time in 2015. As CEO, I am truly blessed to be a part of this organization that has a long history of sustainability, accessibility, and diversity of services. As we move along our social service journey, it is with the help of our Community Advisory Council, Board of Directors, Staff, Partners, Funders and Contributors that we can continue to enhance our services so that everyone in South Los Angeles and surrounding communities have the opportunity to receive assistance to promote family unity, child safety, health and wellness.

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We believe it takes a vision first, a voice second, and action third, to generate positive results in our community now and in the future.